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Don't be Doug Riseborough, Chiarelli

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Harry How/Getty Images

As you've all hopefully heard, the Bruins have called up David Pastrnak. I'm as excited as the rest of you to see him play, but I worry that, in terms of the next 4-5 years, this is really a decent move.

It reeks of desperation to me a little too much. And yes, I should be happy that someone in the organization is apparently considering a player under 27 to be valuable. But this is also the path to a first round exit, a mediocre pick,and doing the same bullshit that defined Can Neely's playing career.

The Bruins aren't winning the cup this year. At this point, puts the Bruins at a 24.0 percent chance to make the playoffs, and a 0.3 percent chance to win the cup. If management thought they could get away with it, they should tank. Let some bad contracts run out. Try not to be a complete moron about resigning players. Stop giving out NTCs like they're candy. Start the healing process now.

And part ofthat, unfortunately, means keeping Pastrnak off the roster for most of the year. Give him his 8 games. Make them all home games.

But please, Chiarelli.

Please don't burn an ELC year because you think a first-round exit to Pittsburgh is so much better than a decent draft pick and coming into next season hot.

Good morning y'all. What's on tap?