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Darth Charlie takes the reins

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday, it was announced that Jeremy Lockout, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, is stepping down at Delaware North Moneysuck Enterprises, inc. Stepping into the place formerly held by the closest thing we have to a real-life Emperor Palpatine/ Mr. Burns mash up is Darth Charlie.

As you already know, Delaware North owns TD Garden, The Bruins, and concession stands around the world. They're the guys that introduced a second beer cup that's shaped differently but barely holds another ounce.

What does this mean for the Bruins? Probably not much. Charlie was already the Principal of the Bruins. This may herald a change in management at the NHL, though. Jeremy Lockout is the head of the Board of Governors of the NHL and it's through his leadership that we've been so lucky to lose an entire season and pretty close to the equivalent of another one. You want to talk about spreadsheets ruining hockey, these are the ones.

However, Charlie did make a lot of noise about how not making the playoffs was unacceptable.

So if the Bruins make a stupid move to limp into the playoffs, we know why - fans at a first-round exit spend  more on beer and peanuts than possible championship banners.

Good morning. What's on tap?