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Elsa/Getty Images

Ladies and Gentlemen, the mothership has delivered our 2014 top commenters. This is by volume only, not by quality.

Miss Muse 22229
phonymahoney 17232
TimRich88 12822
ilovewhiskey 7990
holyhandgrenaid 6502
bruins(x2)_kings_monarchs 6388
bpen011 5733
Giesse 4736
0_x 4007
JanneyWheels 3684

Wow, did Miss Muse every blow everyone out of the water. We'd like to take a minute to thank you all (on this list and off) for making this community one that Bruins fans (well, not those Bruins fans) want to be a part of. We couldn't do it without you.

Good morning. What's on tap?