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Will Today bring us Cody Franson?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Franson was on TSN 1040 yesterday, talking about where he is, still a free agent. He mentioned that Boston was one of the teams he was talking to, and that he's sick and tired of one-year deals. His stats are pretty good. Make it happen, Sweeney. Fix the defense.

Bring us Cody Franson. You owe us for that whole draft weekend debacle. As for Cody? He looks pretty decent in his HERO chart:

Cody Franson Hero Chart

So, not a top pairing guy but a good second pairing guy. Better than some of our defenseman, that's for sure. Just for comparison, here's Zdeno Chara's HERO chart:

Zdeno Chara HERO chart

Chara is better at almost everything, but then he's Zdeno Chara. So, in short, please sign Cody Franson to a reasonable deal.