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Which Bruins wore the 2016 Winter Classic logo?

I'm starting to love Don Sweeney's annoyed face.
I'm starting to love Don Sweeney's annoyed face.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Bruins had a no-news press conference about the winter classic. They shared more information ahead of time by putting the logos the teams would wear on the Gillette Stadium jumbotron earlier in the day. As we reported, the Bruins will be wearing their 1924-1926 original logo. If the Bruins don't screw up the jersey entirely by making it all black or some other awful decision, I'll probably buy one. But, who do you get on the back of the jersey? I prefer to get a player that wore it originally. So I looked into who would be a good choice for that. Here are some choices:

Charles "Doc" Stewart (G, #1)

Charles "Doc" Stewart was signed as a free agent on Christmas, 1924. He proceeded to play most of the games for the next 2 and a half years, before being loaned back to the Hamilton Tigers and eventually stopping playing tracked hockey. (He played for them previously, after his stint with the Toronto Dentals). His stat line with the logo was:

56 21 30 4 145 2.53 8 0 3439

Pretty decent work, honestly. And the only goalie of renown in that era.

Jimmy Herbert (C, #4)

Jimmy Herbert signed as a free agent with the Bruins one month prior to the beginning of their inaugural season and played every game through the entire logo period. He was their star forward and leading scorer throughout the years with the logo, coming in 7th in Hart voting in 1925-26. He was the only player in the inaugural year to have more than 8 points on the season, and he had 24. His stat line with the logo:

66 43 12 55 42 102

That works out to 0.83 points per game before the inclusion of the forward pass, which is quite impressive at 6th best of all players of that period. He left the Bruins soon after, so he wasn't a long-beloved player necessarily, but this is a good choice.

Lionel Hitchman (D, #3)

Lionel Hitchman was traded to Boston in January 1925, for cash, back when the owner of the Bruins wasn't a penny-pinching Jacobs of a miser. He immediately improved the defense, as the Bruins went from losing games by a lot to losing fewer games, and by a little. The team GAA before Hitchman was 5.17, and after was 3.17. Granted, the aforementioned Doc Stewart had something to do with that. Hitchman definitely helped too, though. Here are his with-the-logo numbers:

55 10 5 15 11 92

He ended up sticking around the Bruins for nearly 10 years, winning the first Boston Bruins cup in 1929 and eventually having his number retired in his last season. It was the second number to be retired in the NHL, after Ace Bailey.

Sprague Cleghorn (D, Captain)

At first glance, this looked like a slam dunk. Funny name, good player, total jerk. However, I found that in 1918, Sprague Cleghorn was arrested for domestic assault. Don't buy his jersey.

So, which would you pick? Feel free to pick someone off the list here, too.