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Would Marty Walsh's proposed dipping ban be the best or what?

Marty Walsh!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Marty Walsh (with Curt Schilling) proposed banning chewing tobacco at all sports venues in Boston. That would include both Fenway Park and the TD Garden. And I would love it. Sure, it's great that those areas are already smoke-free, but have you ever had to sit next to someone and their spittoon beer cup for a game? It's gross.

Marty Walsh is proposing to solve this problem. Sure, some baseball players and some fans would hate it, but for the rest of us...well, it would sure be nice not to have to see someone's jaw puffing out as they dribble brown spit into an empty beer cup.

Oh, that and it gives you cancer of the mouth and kills you. That's pretty bad, too. Remember, Cancer is awful and should be avoided (or eradicated!)

For your own sake, don't dip.

For the sake of the city of Boston, ban it.