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Brett Connolly, Landon Ferraro, Ben Sexton not extended qualifying offers, will go UFA

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline for Restricted Free Agent qualifying offers was 5pm today, and the Bruins have elected to not extend offers to Brett Connolly, Landon Ferraro, or Ben Sexton. Connolly and Ferraro both spent a good portion of the season as regular players on the Bruins this year.

Ben Sexton was drafted in 2009 and played at Colgate. He just completed the second of a two-year Entry-Level Contract. He didn't spend much of it with the big club and him not making the cut for 50 standard player contracts isn't the biggest surprise.

Landon Ferraro was picked up off waivers by the Bruins right around thanksgiving last season. He was serviceable as a fourth liner - fast and not a liability - but the qualifying offer of 660,000 was apparently too much for the Bruins.

Brett Connolly would have cost 1.076 million to keep around for another year, at least.

Looks like the Bruins are going to look pretty different, either way.