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Number Dump

PastrStats: David Pastrnak is having a very good postseason

He might be good at hockey

Playoff Possibilities for Bruins and Lightning

What this weekend’s games mean for the Bruins and Lightning

Tuukka Rask won his 200th Bruins regular season game

Seriously, he’s doing great

Brad Marchand is the best

Better than we’ve seen on the Bruins since the lockout

Can the Maple Leafs overtake the Bruins for Third?

Stop me if you’ve heard this, but the Bruins are on the bubble

Mapping the Bruins return to 5 on 5 greatness

The Bruins 5v5 play as of late should remind B’s fans of something...

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 4: Hamhuis

Dan Hamhuis: The "I brought my guitar to a party and now I'm going to play 'Wonderwall', and only 'Wonderwall', for the next 4 hours" of defensemen.

My kingdom for a defenseman, part 2: Schlemko and Lovejoy could be cheap deals for the Bruins

You might already know Schlemko is secretly good, but did you know Lovejoy may secretly be better?

This stream has:

Bruins' Race to the 2016 Playoffs

A week from now, the NHL regular season will be over. The Bruins are still very much "in it." Here's a breakdown of what this coming week looks like.

What tonight's games mean for Playoff Chances

Vatrano's first year has been one for the ages

Just how well is the undrafted free agent doing in the AHL just a year after signing his first professional contract?

Trade Deadline: Sweenius moves create a contender


Source suggests Loui Eriksson to St. Louis Blues for 1st + Dmitrij Jaskin

Will Bruins fans be feeling the Blues? Sources say yes

The most fair possible NHL draft lottery option

Circle 2743 on the calendar, Montreal fans!

Is Patrice Bergeron injured?

Patrice played well under his previous low for the season tonight

Zdeno Chara has played 30,000 NHL minutes

He's unreal

2016 NHL draft rankings released by Central Scouting

Who will Bruins take with two first round picks?

Mark Fayne, possible Justoneguy, is on waivers.

The Oilers are just teasing us.

Bottom Six Blunders: NHL GMs Can't Evaluate Bottom Six Talent

GMs seem to constantly misjudge this one certain kind of player.

Is Detroit about to sign John Wensink?

Justin Abdelkader is getting a $4m AAV 7 year deal. He's basically John Wensink at retirement.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling those lines: Part 1

Is Claude Julien just a stubborn old man that won't adapt and will never play the kids? Well no, at least according to the numbers.

Do the Bruins use zone finish data to analyze players?

NHL teams have all sorts of proprietary methods for statistically analyzing players. Are zone finish stats ones that the Bruins use?

Patrice Bergeron, you da real MVP

Are Hart winners really the most valuable players in the NHL?

Will Matt Beleskey outscore Milan Lucic next year?

Deeper dives into the numbers reveal that Beleskey has a lot more going for him than one high shooting percentage season.

Bruins have 3rd-fewest B2Bs, 12th-fewest miles

The Super Schedule is out!

Do the Bruins have the best 2nd line in the NHL?

They might, but they might also have the worst first line in the NHL. Lets look at how the Bruins stack up in a few different ways!

Henrik Lundqvist's horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

Round one poll results - how'd you do?

Place your bets!

Boston Bruins General Manager odds.

The results are in - The refs screwed you over

Now that everyone has played 82 games, a look at how the refs called them, and how teams capitalized on them.

Playoff Picture April 11, 2015

Viewer discretion is advised.

Bruins playoff picture as of April 9, 2015

Just win, Baby!