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From the Rafter

NWHL player Tatiana Rafter's own column

Rafter's Q & A - New York Riveters Preseason

"I am stoked about the lineup we have this year. The best thing about having a team filled with talented players is that everyone can trust each other to do their own jobs and you can focus on what you need to personally bring to the table. For me, that means using my size and speed." - Tatiana Rafter

From the Rafter: On being a role model

"Moments like today where you get to meet someone you have impacted directly really stick with you. It is a very special thing to be able to influence young women and be a source of inspiration for upcoming athletes." - Tatiana Rafter

Insider on the Re-Signing Period - From The Rafter

"It seems that as our sport is changing and evolving, it's creating an opportunity for me to grow too." - Tatiana Rafter

From the Rafter: Small Area Skills

Skills and drills with the Oval HP development crew!

Why Can't You Be A Pro Hockey Player?

From the Rafter: NWHL nutrition and training

From the Rafter: An inside look at NWHL away games

The second in a series from Tatiana Rafter, NWHL free agent.

From the Rafter: How I Became a Pro Hockey Player

Written by Tatiana Rafter, NWHL Free Agent