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Tuesday Morning Warmup: Saturday Night's Alright get it.

"Hmm, they're fighting. Yes, this will do."
"Hmm, they're fighting. Yes, this will do."
Streeter Lecka

While at the Garden on Saturday night, watching the Bruins be utterly miserable, I was also apparently missing NASCAR going crazy and basically justifying why they instituted this new bonkers Chase format.  Seriously, if you don't think that Brian France was smugly sitting up in Charlotte's boxes, watching as Matt Kenseth did a WWE run-in on Brad Keselowski from behind, then you just don't know what NASCAR's true goals were with the elimination format.  So next up is Talladega, which will inevitably be a complete cluster.  So ratings will be big.  Mr. France will be happy.

Meanwhile, the rest of my weekend was spent largely doing wedding and car stuff.  F1 Boston, if you've never been before, is a blast every single time.  And right now, they have their 1995 Lola out on display so it's worth a visit just to see it.  And, if you can ever catch the Collings Foundation open, spend an afternoon there, they have a 1995 Newman-Haas Lola (NHR did some aero adjustments to it that make it absolutely gorgeous), and a 1980 Penske, AND a 1970's F5000 Mark Donahue car, AND a 1990 Leyton House March F1 car, and a bunch more.  Take a look!

How's your Tuesday?