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Friday Morning Warmup: Mic Check, One-Two One-Two

One, two, three and to the four, Arenacale and Motor Oil's at the door.

Down with the freshest rhymes! (No, really, he is.)
Down with the freshest rhymes! (No, really, he is.)
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So I was blessed yesterday with an email from our Fearless Leaders welcoming me to Contributor status.  And this is good news for all of us.  For me, it means I no longer have to rely on Cornelius bumping Morning Warmups to the SCOMO hub.  For the rest of you, it means that I can finally get down to some business of producing more content!  That means I'll be gracing everyone with my views on racing, and cars in general. This may also mean some polls. And even some photoshops! There's much to come, and I'm excited to be the one bringing it to you.  Thanks to both Cornelius and Sarah for granting me this opportunity!

As for this weekend, it's a far cry from the barren wasteland of a week ago.  The big show is Formula One at Suzuka, a track I absolutely adore.  Something about the cross-over always grabbed me as a kid.  Will Mercedes continue dominating?  Can Red Bull pull off an upset?  Will the incoming monsoon even let them race? All will be revealed!

As documented yesterday, IMSA is at Road Atlanta for their season finale, the (le?) Petit Le Mans.  Daytona Prototypes have never raced at RA before, so maybe there's some hope for the P2 cars.  All of IMSA's championships are up for grabs, so this will be one to keep an eye on this Sunday.

And, of course, NASCAR is back, this week in Kansas.  There's only 12 guys left in the Chase now, and the pressure to win this one and getting to the next round early will be high.  Not the best track in the world, but the action should be intense regardless.

How's your weekend shaping up?