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Morning Warmup: One to Go

That's the widow's peak of a champion right there.
That's the widow's peak of a champion right there.
Rainier Ehrhardt

NASCAR's new Chase format has provided us with eliminations, drama, fights, and no sense of consistency whatsoever.  Now, only four drivers have a shot at the Cup in Homestead next Sunday: Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, and Ryan Newman.  Of those drivers, Logano has 5 wins, Harvick 4, Hamlin 1, and Newman...none.  And Newman has been so under-the-radar as to be anonymous this year.  But, he's in with a chance, and knowing how these things tend to work out, he could very well be the Sprint Cup champion, even if he finishes in a mediocre position.  Brian France is praying that Harvick wins next week, but the rest of the fanbase?  Newman would be the type of champion they would need to throw the new format back in NASCAR's face.

And how about Brazil!  Decent race with good action and a well deserved home podium for Felipe Massa. Abu Dhabi comes next (isn't that where Garfield used to send Nermal?) and there's double points on the line, because Bernie and Jean can't leave well enough alone.  But it gives Rosberg fans hope, so that's good at least.

How's your Monday?