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Morning Warmup: Confirmation

Presse Sports-USA TODAY Sports

The last F1 weekend for the year is beginning to gear up in Abu Dhabi, and the worst kept secret in racing is finally confirmed: Fernando Alonso is leaving Ferrari, paving the way for Sebastien Vettel, who has signed a three year deal with the Scuderia.  The last part of the equation will take until next month, but that is when Alonso is expected to be confirmed at McLaren to lead their efforts as Honda returns to F1. McLaren is the winner in all this, I think.  Alonso is the type of hard charger they need to stabilize things while they get the bugs worked out of the new engine.  Meanwhile, Alonso is going to have to accept a rebuilding process for a year or so before they return to competitiveness.  And I fail to see how Ferrari, despite being Ferrari, is going to do anything to help Vettel continue his dominance...but, then again, they were in the same position 20 years ago when another young German World Champion showed up...

How's your day going?