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Racer or racecar: To follow Sebastian Vettel or stand by Red Bull Racing?

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

So, as those of you who have been following along with my F1 fandom know, I started out a Red Bull fan. Why? Because of stuff like this:

And this:

And this:

They decided to take the money they made off the ridiculous energy drink and do a whole bunch of crazy shit. And then they started making sports teams. F1, MLS, DEL, etc, etc, all have some form of "Team Red Bull." Heck, Blake Wheeler played for one of them in the last lockout. Suffice it to say, I'm a fan.

So it was natural, when I was getting into F1, to latch onto that same team as ever. And what's not to like? Sebastian Vettel, 4-time consecutive world champion? And riding shotgun was an Australian - first Mark Webber, then Daniel Ricciardo. Both fun guys, both doing great work. Here's Daniel with his countryman, an F/A-18 a bit of a show. Only watch this video if you like Australian accents and high speeds:

Red Bull spread the love out a bit, racing a second team in F1 under the name "Scuderia Toro Rosso." It's their junior racing team, pretty much, and where they find replacements for drivers that leave. Which brings me to my dilemma.

At the end of last season, it was officially announced that Red Bull Racing Golden Boy Sebastian Vettel was leaving the team, and joining up with none other than Scuderia Ferrari.

Even non-racing fans are familiar with Ferrari. They're the red sports car. The civilian cars turn heads every time they go down the street, and rightfully so - they're wild. They look so different, and you know there's a ton (or two or three tons, in fact) of power under the hood. Plus, they're Italian. Ferrari. The current reigning best team in F1 history, with 16 constructor's cups from 1961 to 2008. That prancing horse on the yellow on the red signifies racing greatness.

And now they have Vettel. They add him to a long list of Champions that have raced for Ferrari. And I just can't give up the opportunity to get in on it with my buddy Sebastian.

Not that I don't support Red Bull, and we'll see how this shakes out over the season, but I've been meaning to make a choice one way or the other for months now, and I've done it.