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Watch Seth Griffith falls down, score OT winner for Providence

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Providence Bruins went to OT against the Portland Pirates. Max Talbot scored a a goal, among other things. But the important part is this: Seth Griffith still can't score a goal without it being highlight-worthy. Luckily, he did that last night in overtime:

Not the highest quality highlight, but it'll do. And the best part? This isn't even remotely close to the first time he's done this. Here he is, getting the pass from Gregory Campbell against Minnesota last year:

Great work, kid. Do you think he maybe watched some Bobby Orr highlights once or twice? Because there's, y'know, that goal. You know the one. There's a statue? Yeah.

Anyways, great work Seth Griffith!

Here's his ridiculous I-will-outwork-you goal from last year, just for kicks: