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Binnington throws a goalie punch, starts a scrum as Providence's season ends

Scrums, goalie fights...the P-Bruins' season ended on a wild note.

2011 CHL Mastercard Memorial Cup Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

While he's technically not a Bruins prospect (his rights belong to the St. Louis Blues), Jordan Binnington was tending goal for the Providence Bruins during their Calder Cup Playoff game against Lehigh Valley this weekend.

With the P-Bruins down 2-1 in the best-of-five series and trailing by multiple goals in the game, things got a little nuts.

At the end of the first period, Binnington threw a punch at LeHigh Valley’s Danick Martel on his way off the ice. FRUSTRATION!

I’m not sure if there was something specific that led to this punch, but something tells me that Binnington was extremely frustrated after letting in 3 goals.

After the punch and scrum between the two teams, Binnington was giving it to the fans in Lehigh Valley... which isn't ideal when you’re on away ice down 3-0 in an elimination game.

Things had started to percolate before that, as there was a brawl between the two teams before the Phantoms' third goal.

As you can see, Binnington wanted in on the action. He skated up to center ice and waited for Phantoms goaltender, Alex Lyon, to meet him there, but Lyon wasn’t having any of it and stayed in his crease. It’s too bad because goalie fights are THE BEST.

The Bruins would make it interesting in the third by tying things up, but the Phantoms went on to win in OT and end the series.

Hey, at least they didn't go down without a fight!