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Hey, remember...

A fun look back at random guys you may have forgotten once donned the black and gold.

Hey, remember...Byron Bitz?

The big man from Saskatchewan who briefly became a cult hero.

Hey, remember...Petr Kalus?

A prospect on the same plane as David Krejci, until he wasn’t.

Hey, remember...Jiri Slegr?

A roving Czech defenseman turned...politician?

Hey, remember...Manny Fernandez?

Brought in to battle for the starting role, he lasted only a couple of seasons.

Hey, remember...Peter Schaefer?

He arrived with decent scoring prowess, but ended up out of town in less than two years.

Hey, remember...Mariusz Czerkawski?

The first Polish Bruin had two different stints in Black and Gold

Hey, remember...Alexei Zhamnov?

One of the Bruins’ first marquee free agent signings of the new millennium, derailed by injury.

Hey, remember...Jon Rohloff?

A former UMD Bulldog who carved out a decent pro career.

Hey, remember...Petr Tenkrat?

A bottom-six forward who, for whatever reason, became a cult hero in corners of the Bruins Web.

Hey, remember...Stanislav Chistov?

A high draft pick with some tantalizing skill, he never really panned out for the Bruins.