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Boston Pride to Host Women's Winter Classic

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The ladies are taking it outside, too!

To top off what may be the best year for women's hockey ever, the NWHL has officially announced that the Boston Pride will face Les Canadiennes of Montreal in an historic interleague matchup between the NWHL and CWHL.  The game will take place on December 31, the day before the NHL Winter Classic, on the outdoor rink at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Here's a first look at the rosters:

Outdoor Women's Classic Rosters
Pride Roster Canadiennes Roster
Blake Bolden Sydney Aveson
Kate Buesser Ann-Sophie Bettez
Corinne Buie Emmanuelle Blais
Kelly Cooke Emilie Bocchia
Jillian Dempsey Sophie Brault
Shannon Doyle Cathy Chartrand
Meghan Fardelmann Julie Chu
Emily Field Katia Clement-Heydra
Kaleigh Fratkin Kim Deschenes
Marissa Gedman Karell Emard
Cherie Hendrickson Carly Hill
Bray Ketchum Charline Labonte
Denna Laing Noemie Marin
Rachel Llanes Leslie Oles
Meaghan Mangene Caroline Ouellette
Brittany Ott Marie-Philip Poulin
Casey Pickett Lauriane Rougeau
Lauren Slebodnick Chelsey Saunders
Pride Coaching Staff Canadiennes Coaching Staff
Bobby Jay Marc Beaudoin
Dave Jensen Lisa-Marie Bretoen-Lebreux
Lauren McAuliffe Dany Brunet