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Northeastern's Kendall Coyne wins 2016 Patty Kazmeier Trophy

Nathan Vaughan

At Northeastern every graduating senior takes a course called Capstone.  This course is a culmination of the five years of experience the students have gained through classes and co-ops.  The projects vary from developing research experiments to making prototypes.  It is supposed to be representive of the final stone on the pyramids and other major buildings.  Winning this award is the capstone on an incredibly impressive career for Kendall Coyne that could only be topped by a national championship as Coyne acknowledged in her acceptance speech.

Like the pyramids, the Patty Kazmaier award winner needs a team around her to help win it.  Today a few of Coyne’s teammates were able to surprise her at the ceremony.  She was effusive in her praise of her teammates and coaches while speaking after accepting the award.

NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan was a teammate of Coyne in Coyne’s freshman campaign that resulted in a Beanpot and regular season title.  “Kendall was playing at a different speed then everyone else.  It was a game in and of itself watching her play.  She was amazing, and we definitely knew that she had a bright future even a handful of years ago.”

Coyne’s personal achievements can’t be ignored however. This season she led the nation in a multitude of categories such as goals, points per game, short-handed goals, and hat tricks.  Her 50 goals this season was enough to lead her team to the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history.  She was also able to accumulate the most points in Northeastern program history, men or women.  Coyne was also a part of a pair of Beanpots and a Hockey East regular season title in her time at Northeastern. However, her greatest accomplishment might be the change in culture she helped to usher in giving Northeastern a bright future.  Just like there hasn’t been and won’t be another Hillary Witt there will never be another Kendall Coyne to walk into that locker room, sorry Bailey, but the legacy she has left will allow for someone to eventually surpass her.  However, as of right now she is a strong contender for the greatest athlete to don a Northeastern jersey across sports, with men’s basketball star Reggie Lewis being the biggest competition.

Northeastern head coach had this to say after the award had been given.

“It’s a big moment for Kendall and her family, but also for Northeastern women’s hockey.  It was well deserved, the season she had might not be matched in my lifetime but it has been pretty amazing and has been great to be a part of it.”