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World Cup of Chowder

Soccer content because yolo

Bruins' sponsor, ORG, looking to start KHL team

The partnership previously brought a youth team from Beijing to Boston

Brad Marchand will play for Team Canada in the IIHF Worlds

Brad Marchand, Team Canada. What a world.

Americans are Golden once again.

Alex Carpenter causes The Star Spangled Banner to ring out across the Great White North once again.

Canada's Best - And Still Waiting

Brad Marchand is the most complete player Canada have. He's also performing better than most of their superstars and has done consistently the past three years. So why is he not on their World Cup roster yet?

Ranking each team's World Cup of Hockey jersey

The march to the World Cup of Hockey in September began in earnest today with the release of rosters and, more importantly, jerseys.

Chara and Seidenberg to play for Team Europe

and by anchor I mean....well, just picture a boat anchor

Identity Parade: Rating the World Cup Of Hockey Logos

The jerseys are still to come, but the team logos are released. Which rule the world and which should probably have stayed home?

Loui Eriksson will represent Sweden

In the World Cup of Hockey

Finland, Russia, Czech Republic World Cup jerseys

What Rask, Pastrnak, Krejci will be wearing

This stream has:

Boston Bruins playing in the World Cup of Hockey

2016's rosters, schedules, etc

Krejci, Pasta and friends named to WCoH Team Czech

Tuukka Rask named to Team Finland

For the NHL World Cup

(Most of) USA's best juniors take the stage at WJC

Here's our profile of the 24 who made the cut.

US National Team Development Program prelims

50 kids born in 1999 have been invited to the camp in Ann Arbor. 4 of them are from Massachusetts, 7 from New England.

ESPN's World Cup of Hockey Broadcast Dream Team

Where does Pierre factor in? Good news, he doesn't.

Friday Morning Skate: UCL draw , Weston Dressler!