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Bruins at the World Juniors

2024 WJC FINALS PREVIEW: The Medal Round is set!

Welcome to the end game.

WJC Quarterfinals Recap/Semifinals PREVIEW: Down goes Canada, and ASP keeps Sweden alive!

Both of Boston’s prospects make their way home after one pretty normal loss...and one very not-normal loss, and the home nation wins a dramatic advance!

WJC Quarterfinal PREVIEW: Makeup Edition

The Round Robin section of the tournament is over! Let’s recap that, then preview the Quarterfinals!

2024 WJC Day 4 RECAP: Tre Kronor Blanks Canada, Czechia keeps it close against the USA, and Latvia may be dead

Day 4 was AWESOME.

2024 WJC Day 3 RECAP: Welcome to Blowout Thursday

This was the most skippable day of the tourney.

2024 WJC Day 1 RECAP: Slovakia impresses as traditional powers win out

The traditional powers mostly lit their opponents on fire, but Slovakia makes a big statement in the first game of the tourney!

This stream has:

Bruins at the 2024 World Juniors

2024 World Juniors PRIMER: Everything you need to know!

The Teenager Tourney from TSN has returned! Here’s what you need to get caught up!

Matthew Poitras joins Canada at the WJC!

The rookie centerman will be headed to the grand Teenager Tourney after all, as the team has sent him on his way to compete for gold!

2023 World Juniors Medal Round RECAP: Canada Reigns again!

All in all...a great medal round. What a tournament.

2023 WJC Quarterfinals RECAP: Holy S#!t Connor Bedard is good

An extremely amazing night for the sport, all things considered.

2023 WJC Group Stage WRAP UP

The final day of daily recaps is over, we move to the games that count!

2023 WJC Day 4 Recap: The powers that be course correct

It’s all fun and games until the big boys need to throw their weight around.

WJC Day 3 RECAP: Slovakia gets USA’s goat again

Canada takes care of business and Slovakia comes up huge! Day 3 was fun!

2023 WJC Day 2 RECAP: A night to get right!

A couple of truly interesting games made the blowouts infinitely more tolerable. This tournament has been excellent.

2023 IIHF World Junior Championships PRIMER: Everything you need to know!

The Teenager Tourney from TSN has returned! Here’s what you need to get caught up!

2k22 WJC prelims recap: Latvia does things!

As we move into the elimination round, let’s talk about how each group fared!

2k22 IIHF World Junior Championships RE-PREVIEW

The Boy Tournament has resumed!

World Junior Championships cancelled due to COVID-19

Thanks for nothing, IIHF

World Juniors Prelims RECAP: Days 1-3 recapped!

While the tourney itself hasn’t exactly created a load of major surprises, there are still some interesting stories to see going into the home stretch of prelims

2022 World Junior Championship QUICK PRIMER: Everything you need to know!

The B’s there, and every team you need to know!

2021 World Juniors Semifinals PREVIEW

No matter what, the Bruins will be sending somebody to the medal rounds.

2021 World Juniors Quarterfinals RECAP: The semis are set!

Yesterday, we learned a lot about being determined, and the limits of talent. Now, we move on to the Semifinals!

2021 WJC QUARTERFINALS PREVIEW: Everything you need to know!

Let’s all go for gold!

2021 WJC Day 6 RECAP: Finns break Slovaks in half, Germans escape ignomity, and Russia-Sweden was a banger

One expected result, one pleasant result, and one game that was good enough to not care about the result.

2021 World Juniors Day 5 Recap: The major powers do great violence

Teams from Central Europe got their heads pulled off their shoulders yesterday. Come relive the fun!

2021 World Juniors Day 4 Recap: Sweden handles things, and Germany comes back and wins a game!

Germany needed a win. They went out and got one.

2021 World Juniors Day 3 Recap: Defensive Struggles

All was going to plan until the Czechs showed up ready to cause some trouble.

2021 World Juniors Day 2 RECAP: Boxing Day Blowouts

It’s a buncha blow outs for Boxing Day!

2021 World Juniors Day 1 RECAP

We begin our tourney with a pair o’ stunners!

2021 World Junior Championships PRIMER: Everything you need to know!

Everything you need to know about the most unusual of World Junior Championships!

Prospects Bychkov, Mantykivi will go to the World Juniors!

Two prospects go to Edmonton, and one goes home.